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Hannah Jewel is our new therapist offering Reiki, Relaxation and Light Touch Therapies. She is available on Tuesday and Thursdays and is offering introductory rates for those who book now. Sessions available in 60, 75 and 120 minutes.

60 minutes £95 (Introductory rate £65 for those who book now)
75 minutes £120 (Introductory rate £90 for those who book now)
120 minutes £185 (Introductory rate £155 for those who book now)

Reiki is a flow of energy or chi which moves through the
universe and can be channeled through the hands for the purposes of healing.

Neutral-Space Relaxation is a registered and trademarked method which increases core stability and emotional/mental balance. Suitable for general wellbeing and for those recovering from any form of trauma.

Energy therapies work with the magnetic communication between cells. Drawing on Ayurvedic maps of the body, techniques are given to address specific symptoms and restore health.

Benefits of sessions include
Trauma Recovery, Mental Stability, Sense of Peace, Healthy Organs, Core Balance, Emotional Confidence, Healthy Spine,
Ease in Movement, Better Digestion, Pain Relief, Self Awareness

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