A bit about Hawkins Beauty Clinic and its staff...

Hawkins Clinic has been established for 35 years under the same ownership. We provide a full range of beauty treatments including waxing, feet and hand treatments, massage, and a wide range of facials.

We pride ourselves in giving treatments of the highest quality.

Also available are medical cosmetic treatments carried out by a consultant surgeon. The staff are highly qualified and fully competent and are here to provide the client personalized and individual treatments.


Owner and Therapist

Azra has been running Hawkins Clinic for almost 40 years and has seen some dramatic changes to the industry over that time. She has kept up to date with the latest technologies and products and is keen to share her expertise and knowledge with staff and clients.

Azra specialises in Semi-Permanent Make Up and Laser Treatments. She has been nominated several times for awards in the industry and has featured in several articles over the years.

Trainee Therapist
Fiona Harper


Miss Fiona Harper, FRCS (Plast), a full qualified Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgeon, having trained  in cosmetic practice in her role as aesthetics fellow at the world renowned Wellington Hospital in London, and during the course of her 25 year career as a plastic surgeon. She works predominantly within the NHS specialising in skin cancer and general plastic surgery and is passionate about her work with a great eye for detail.


Full memberships:

British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS)

British Society for Surgery of the Hand (BSSH)

British Burns Association (BBA)


GMC no: 7467671

Hollie is a qualified beauty therapist and is available for the majority of our treatments.

Trainee Therapist

Julia is a very experienced therapist with 25 years working in the beauty industry. She does all treatments, including Dermo Roller micro-needling, facial peels and electrolysis plus pregnancy and lymphatic drainage massage and is available every Monday and Thursday.

Dr Hannah McClure
Reiki Therapist
Trainee Therapist

Hannah McClure, BFA, MA, PhD, RPP, Reiki Master


Hannah Jewel is our new therapist offering Reiki, Relaxation and Light Touch Therapies. She is available on Tuesday and Thursdays and is offering introductory rates for those who book now. Sessions available in 60, 75 and 120 minutes.

60 minutes £95 (Introductory rate £65 for those who book now)
90 minutes £120 (Introductory rate £90 for those who book now)
120 minutes £185 (Introductory rate £155 for those who book now)

Reiki is a flow of energy or chi which moves through the
universe and can be channeled through the hands for the purposes of healing.

Neutral-Space Relaxation is a registered and trademarked method which increases core stability and emotional/mental balance. Suitable for general wellbeing and for those recovering from any form of trauma.

Energy therapies work with the magnetic communication between cells. Drawing on Ayurvedic maps of the body, techniques are given to address specific symptoms and restore health.

Benefits of sessions include:
Trauma Recovery, Mental Stability, Sense of Peace, Healthy Organs, Core Balance, Emotional Confidence, Healthy Spine,
Ease in Movement, Better Digestion, Pain Relief, Self Awareness

Hannah came to healing first through dance, where she learned to feel, to observe herself, to express the inner world. Through dance she discovered alternative methods including yoga, tai chi, body mind centering, massage, reiki and energy balancing. She became certified in Polarity Therapy, a complete system of bodywork, yoga, nutrition and counselling, and held a private practice in the United States alongside her dance career. Hannah then moved to England, where almost immediately she discovered Sufism and then traditional indigenous paths.  Her journey led her to write a PhD on Sufism and Arts Practice, which allowed her to study the transformation process deeply.

Hannah has taught somatic awareness, Relaxation and anatomy at The University of Surrey and The University of East London from 2010-2018. She is a certified trainer of Reiki, Neutral-Space Relaxation, and Energy Therapies in the UK. For the general public Hannah has been teaching and training professionals for 20+ years, in dance meditation, healing, bodywork and Sufi whirling. 

Hannah is now practicing privately, offering Reiki, Relaxation and Light Touch Therapies at The Hawkins Clinic, as well as professional training for practitioners in the UK and Europe.


Trainee Therapist

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